Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/08/04


Treasurers Report:  $6782.05
Great turnout (20)
Ike submitted land use agreements that he has been working on
Put fence in near McNally Industries to adjust traffic away from city sewer


90 H.P. tractor with a lot of new features  (John Deere 6420)
Phantom name stickers on new tractor
Add Iights and change brush guards to push branches

Old skid needs to have back plate re-done
Need tires on old skid

G-burg Country Store access route should be removed from current informational sign
New access route signs to be installed near new Farmers building in industrial park

Brusher can be considered Phantom’s as county is purchasing new one for other clubs

Discussion regarding new building at Fairgrounds
            Rick Melin to address at county association this month

Burnett County Trail Maps are ready at Siren (John Schoepke’s)

Coat sign-up form for next meeting
Homestead embroider or Lee’s Pro Shop possible places

Add DO NOT ride on highways on town map
Add reminder about school trail and staying on it

Look into a Phantom Trail Riders website sign

Next Meeting:    January 5th, 2005
                            7:00 PM
St. Croix Grille