Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 01/05/05


Treasures Report:  $6782.05
                        Less $23.00 T.A
                        Less $82.00  John M
                        Less $242.00 AWSC
                        Less $850.00 Burnett County Maps

 Old skid needs to have back plate re-done
    Jim Nelson can get plate for 350.00
    D.R. Tech will see if they can break it
    Jim will bring a 3X2 plate to test

New Building at Fairgrounds
    Need snow if were going to get any money for it

    Lauri Nelson was going to check with Lee’s Pro shop to
    see what kind of coat we could get for $75
    We also talked about a sweatshirt or pull over.

Put Phantom Trail Riders website on next years map 


Ike has received trail 150 land use agreements and is putting them into a database 

Glen Harmon put the driveway in on HWY 70 across for Darlene Erickson and it does cross trail 150.
    Not a problem this year, but maybe a problem next year.
Groomer ready to go

Next meeting:    February 2nd, 2005
                            7:00 PM
                            St. Croix Grille