Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 02/02/05


Treasures Report:  $5585.05
¼” Plate for old drag can be broke at DR Tech
     - Jim Nelson to get steel
Fair Grounds Building Jim, Roger to bring up at fair board meeting
     - Discuss requirements
     - Establish location on site
     - Need to write contract for agreement (County Association)
Coats: Table till next meeting
     - Jim will talk to Lee’s on Saturday
Website on next year’s maps
Ike to finish land use agreements 


Buy Smestad’s a roll of plastic electric fence
     - Maury will get this done
Enforcement for kids to stay on trails and approved trails
John will check into town map from McCune and or TRA Design
Shelter at 120 and 45N
     - Portable on skids that would be put up and taken down each year
     - John will talk to Jim Hoefler about who to talk to and what can be done
Old signs on Dave Chell’s property should be removed
Groomer Schedule
     - T.A. to coordinate for remainder of this year   cell (715) 491-7460
     - Formal schedule next year
Need Stop Signs for in town

Next meeting:    March 2nd, 2005
                            7:00 PM
                            St. Croix Grille