Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 03/02/05


Treasures Report:  $6091.64
Table new plate till summer or next fall
Fair board is all O.K. for building
County will fund if grooming dollars are sufficient
    Wait for confirmation of funds from County
    Skip will get a quote for
    Ike to look into electric hook-up
    Jacket with Name Logo and $55    (approximately 11 interested)
   Hooded Sweat Shirt $22               (approximately 4  interested)
   Crue Neck Sweat Shirt $18.50           
        John to send Brad a logo for an estimate
Website on next year’s maps
Laurie Nelson will get Smestad’s roll of fence taken care of
Problem with kids riding to school recklessly and not staying trail
   Ike will  contact Jeff Schinzing to discuss options
Talk to John Francis regarding trail conditions e-mail from county to John
Go ahead with sign, no advertising on sign, talk to Jeremy McCune also
Plans for 3-sided shelter at 45-120 intersection to be done by John McNally for next meeting


Wisconsin is looking into permanent registration for snowmobiles (look into further)
Additional NO Four Wheeler signs on 45S and 150
Telephone box and mail boxes to be moved on Cty D by Crex Center
Renew web hosting through Farmers for one year $10.55 X 12 = $126.60

Next meeting:    April 6th, 2005
                            7:00 PM
                            St. Croix Grille