Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/01/05

Treasures Report was reviewed and approved

Coats  (Table this until next meeting when there will hopefully be more people)
Town trail sign, T.A. to design sign (needs updating)
3-sided shelter (Table this until next meeting)
Donny to finish signs to identify streets at crossings
Land Owner appreciation gift certificates (Table until next meeting)
Fix orange drag that works better in low snow conditions (Bring to D.R. Tech to have bottom plate bent)
Club to purchase a pole pounder
No snowmobiling signs along Hwy 70
Eroded trail on 45S, Skip will talk to Donny B. regarding resolution
John M. will get newsletter out shortly

Possible Deer Hunt in December (send e-mail to all members regarding opposition to this and where to express oposition)
AWSC Club Raffle tickets (table until next meeting)
Equipment Purchase Proposal
    - Extendable power limbing saw
    - Chain saw
    - Power post hole auger
    - Salamander heater? or some other type heater for new building
Discussion regarding cell phone that stays in Groomer (table until next meeting)
Discussion regarding Glen Harmon's new house / driveway on Trail 150

Next Meeting
        Wednesday, December 7th
        7:00 PM
        Gin Rickey's St. Croix Grille