Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/07/05

Treasures Report was reviewed and approved


Treasures Report was reviewed and approved
Jackets (one time setup charge approved to pay for by club)
Someone looking into getting one coat made for review
In Town Trail Sign:
   - Approximately 4 X 4
   - Add BP/Amoco
   - Add Phantom Trail Riders Welcome You to Grantsburg
   - Add Website
3-sided shelter (table until next fall)
Street crossing signs need paint (Suzy Johnson to do)
Landowner gift certificates out December
Orange Drag (replace bottom)
Get steel from Kay Freeberg to correct size
Weld in new building
Add No Snowmobiling signs along HWY 70 in town
No to AWSC Raffle Tickets
Equipment Purchase:
    - Salamander Heater Propane
    - Limbing Saw
    - Chain Saw
    - Power Post Auger
Bag Phone for sure (review counties proposal)
Glen Harmon driveway (Caution signs installed by Ike)


Stump on 150 needs to removed or caution sign put up
Corn still out on 150
Trail Maintenance sheets need to be turned in
Trail Maintenance sheets to reside inside room at new building
Add Non-Resident Trail Passes required on town sign
Guide poles on New Building garage doors to help skid into building
Groomer Status:
    - Brush cutter still on
    - Black drag in building ready to go

Next Meeting:
    Wednesday, January 4th 2006
    7:00 PM
    Gin Rickey's St. Croix Grille