Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 01/04/06

Treasures Report was reviewed and approved


Wendy Pearson will look further into Homestead Embroidery for one-time setup of logo
In Town Trail Sign:  (T.A. is on it)
   - Approximately 4 X 4
   - Add BP/Amoco
   - Add Phantom Trail Riders Welcome You to Grantsburg
   - Add Website
   - Add Non-Resident Trail Pass Required
Street crossing signs need paint (Suzy Johnson to do, Donny to get them to Suzy)
Landowner gift certificates out in January (Donny promises)
Orange Drag complete with new bottom and ready to go
Add No Snowmobiling signs along HWY 70 in town (Not done yet)
Equipment Purchase:  (table all items until next fall except for Salamander Heater)
    - Salamander Heater Propane
    - Limbing Saw
    - Chain Saw
    - Power Post Auger
Bag Phone for sure (Tom H. will contact phone company to review service options)
Stump on 150 was cut-off flush by Donny
Corn on 150 is out
Trail Maintenance sheets still need to be filled out
Trail Maintenance sheets to reside inside room at new building
Guide poles on New Building garage doors to help skid into building


Hazard (open ditch) on 45S near Fish Lake Rd crossing (Ike to put up Caution signs)
April meeting will contain applicable officer elections

Next Meeting:
    Wednesday, February 1st 2006
    7:00 PM
    Gin Rickey's St. Croix Grille