Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 09/20/06

Treasures Report was reviewed and approved


In Town Trail Sign:  (T.A. is on it)
   - Approximately 4 X 4 we will have three quantity
   - Add BP/Amoco
   - Add Phantom Trail Riders Welcome You to Grantsburg
   - Add Website
   - Add Non-Resident Trail Pass Required
Add No Snowmobiling signs along HWY 70 in town (Determined this should be done this year)

Equipment Purchases:
    - Salamander Heater Propane  (O.K. to purchase this year, but probably not necessary now)
    - Limbing Saw
    - Chain Saw
    - Power Post Auger
Bag Phone for sure (Tom H. will contact phone company to review service options)

Trail Maintenance sheets to reside inside room at new building
Guide poles on New Building garage doors to help skid into building (Will do in Spring)
County would like a pipe on the groomer that can have cones stacked for emergency situations while grooming


Inside walls of new building at Fair Grounds have been insulated and sheeted with white steel
Need to add guide posts to garage entrances to help prevent damage from the tractor or drag

            Ike Nordrum        President
            Arlen Lund          Vice-President
            John McNally      Secretary
            Don Melin           Treasurer

Ike agreed to take over the Commercial Sponsor, Map Ad soliciting and process from John
Brusher needs to welded, Skip will do this weekend
Brushing to begin on all trails
Work day tentatively scheduled for 10/14/06, meeting at new building around 9:00 AM 

Next Meeting:
                        Wednesday, October 4th 2006
                        7:00 PM
                        American Legion