Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/01/06


Treasurers Report was reviewed and approved

Equipment Purchases: (Ready to purchase anytime)
   Don Melin will let Rick know to go ahead
    - Salamander Heater (Propane)
    - Chain Saw
Guide poles on New Building garage doors to help skid into building (This will be done at next work day)
County would like a pipe on the groomer that can have cones stacked for emergency situations while grooming
Brushing to begin on all trails  (Haps to F on 45 complete, G-brg to K-Wood on 150 complete)
Ike brought up the need for signing to be done to Grantsburg Country Store on North end of town
New Groomer Cell Phone:  (715) 491-9955  Alltel
Jeremy McCune is working on new signs, T.A. will check in
Skip and T.A. fixed broken shaft on brusher and it broke worse this time.
Carey’s bridge washout was fixed by John and T.A.
Map Ads were in by Monday 23rd to Schoepke, Ike has them under control
Look into possible front blade for the tractor (decided to use Maurice Johnson's back blade)
Look into adding a lift chain to brusher for emergency use


Ike will get a chain for the tractor
More keys for the Phantom Building will be put inside for the people that are signing
        Clip board will be present so anyone with a key can sign them out
Need extra keys for the Memory gate and Phantom gates that should hang on wall in new building
Ike suggested a Phantom Trail Riders sign (with website address) be displayed on the new building
Suggestion made to have Phantom website link on the Grantsburg Village website

 Next Meeting:
                        Wednesday, December 6th  2006
                        7:00 PM
                        American Legion