Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 10/04/07

T.A. will see if he has sample font for Hurricane Graphics regarding adding Rendezvous to informational signs
Pegboard still needs to be installed above bench for tools
Cold weather 4' fluorescent light has been ordered through Hardware Hank
Proposal to build sign racks inside enclosed room at new building (build this winter when signs are out)
2007 Trail Concerns:
  - Washout on Phantom Lake Trail near the top of the hill, fill and leveling required

      John will contact Jerry Kozak regarding grading the Phantom Lake Trail
Install Phantom Trail Riders sign at Fairgrounds building
Ike has purchased a medium size chain saw at Burnett Dairy
Industrial park has new building planned, will affect access route to Country Store
East gate at Wayne Luedtkes needs repair on hinge, Ike and Arlen will fix

Sign Changes:
  - Stop A Sec is now Holiday
  - Add Hummer's Rendezvous
Need to add rear lights to Orange Drag
Approved insurance for trail maintenance volunteer workers
Trail 150 update:
  - Narrow section near Cty M has been widened
  - Trail to Gateway Plaza has been brushed
  - Trail behind Wayne Luedtke's discussed
  - A lot of 150 needs limbing
Planned Work Days:
  - 10/06/07  Meet at Phantom building at 9:00 AM
  - 10/13/07  Meet at Phantom building at 9:00 AM


Look into installing stop signs for snowmobile traffic in alley behind Legion at Main Street (T.A. and John)
Tubes to be installed in drag travel tires (John will get this done)
Add 55mph Dusk to Dawn signs where trails exit town  (T.A. and John)
County would like a pipe on the groomer that can have cones stacked for emergency situations while grooming (John)

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, November 1st 2007
                        7:00 PM
                        Hummer's Rendezvous