Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/06/07

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Cold weather 4' fluorescent light has been ordered through Hardware Hank  (John will check into this)
Install Phantom Trail Riders sign at Fairgrounds building  (Don & Rick will do this)
Sign Changes:
  - Stop A Sec is now Holiday
  - Add Hummer's Rendezvous
  - Amoco is now BP/Subway
  - Add Gateway Plaza
Need to add rear lights to Orange Drag  (Done)
Tubes to be installed in drag travel tires (John done)
County would like a pipe on the groomer that can have cones stacked for emergency situations while grooming (John done)
Look into installing stop signs for snowmobile traffic in alley behind Legion at Main Street (T.A. and John, done)
Wire and plumb air compressor  (Tom H to do this)
Anchor air compressor  (Tom H has this done)
West Carey bridge needs work (Skip has this done)
John will ask Jim Nelson about shutting down the old airport trail  (Done)

Maury will donate his air hose for the new building
Fence at Mike Carey's will need added to next year.
Pay phone company $10.55 per month for next 12 months
Trails closed until December 10th, signs are up
Grooming to start on December 9th in evening after anterless hunt is over
Travis will ask Smestad's about corn removal in areas that trail goes through
John will ask village about cones, if they don't have any Donny will purchase 6 qty.
Skip to build wooden box for orange drag
John and TA still need to get out Brown signs, New in town signs, and 55 mph dusk to dawn
E-mail contact sheet to all members
Skip to install white board in new building for ALL groomers to write when they are out and where they are


Proposal to build sign racks inside enclosed room at new building (build this winter when signs are out)
Pegboard still needs to be installed above bench for tools
Add 55mph Dusk to Dawn signs where trails exit town  (T.A. and John)

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, January 3rd 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        Gin Rickey's