Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 03/06/08

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
John to check into 45 S brushing (Dan Thill possible contact)
TA looking into brown signs for Trails groomed by the Phantom Trail Riders (4 qty Leaving, 4 qty Welcome)
Trails Maintained by Phantom Trail Riders
Trails Maintained by Phantom Trail Riders
T.A. has been nominated as "Grooming Boss", any info should be relayed through Tom, (grooming times, drivers, ect.)
Ike sharpened chain saw blade
Frozen ATV Trails are open for ATV use only there is a map on the Burnett County website.
New used tires are on the drag

Ike received money from Holiday for sale of Maps
Proposal to put ad in Sentinel thanking landowners and business supporters approved
Proposal to flatten new trail behind airport on northwest corner approved sometime this spring
T.A. brought up being approached by the Straight Arrow Motorcycle club for flagging.  April 12th-13th, May 3rd-4th
    Saturdays 11 AM - 5 PM,  8 People,  Sunday 8 AM - 4 PM,  16 People  
Discussion regarding involvement with this year's Watercross (table till next meeting)
John to send gif logo file to Ike for Sentinel add
Discussion regarding new blades for Orange drag to lower them for better cutting (John to look it this)
Discussion regarding T.A.s creek and John's communication with Brian Loyd about potential culvert or bridge
  - Try to schedule meeting with Brian and Pete Engman from DNR this spring when melting is in process.


Proposal to build sign racks inside enclosed room at new building (build this winter when signs are out)
Pegboard still needs to be installed above bench for tools
Cold weather 4' fluorescent light is in new building and still needs to be installed
Install Phantom Trail Riders sign at Fairgrounds building  (Don & Rick will do this)

 Next Meeting:
                        April 3rd, 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        Gin Rickeys / St. Croix Grille