Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 08/07/08

Discussion regarding the Watercross Retriever
 - No more work to be done on it this year
 - Control box needs repair
 - Improve motor performance
 - $100 to Tim Wood for the motor cost and parts
 - $76 to John for the cost of new seats
 - $6 to T.A. for spark plugs
 - John will talk to Duke about getting paid for the items listed above

Watercross weed cutting discussion
 - Duke has purchased some form of weed cutter
 - PTR members will help with "pushing" the weeds to a loading area
 - Duke will work with Village about permit filing and possible help

Pontoon will be stored at Ike's for the winter

John will talk to Duke about 1 or 2 retriever situation

T.A. will purchase another door lock for the internal room during the Fair

Next Meeting:
                        September 11th, 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        PTR Clubhouse