Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 09/11/08

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Proposal to flatten new trail behind airport on northwest corner approved sometime this spring
   - Pete Engman replied with possible wetland issues.  If area is within designated wetland on map permit will need to be applied for.
   - John will get copy of map to evaluate.
Discussion regarding new blades for Orange drag to lower them for better cutting
   - Blades appear to need to be swapped from back to front, also new ones maybe ordered (J.D. Glover is checking on this)
Discussion regarding T.A.s creek and John's communication with Brian Loyd about potential culvert or bridge
   - Brian reported to county club that it may be possible to put some large rocks in the bottom to help with our concerns.
   - John will talk to Skip & Lee Moyer about getting this done.
John with check with Scott McLain about conduit that he is donating for sign posts
T.A. will look into brown signs for entering and leaving PTR maintained trails
Work Day planned for 9/27/08  9:00 AM meet at PTR Clubhouse
    - John will try to evaluate trails prior to workday
    Possible things that need to be done:
       - Fence at Mike Carey's
       - Stump and rock needs to be removed on John's property
       - Brushing on 45S after DNR has made one pass
Discussion regarding new brusher
    - Must have offset like previous one
    - Must be wide like previous one
    - Look for one similar to last one just larger wheels on back
Arlen mentioned that A.W.S.C has a promotional trailer that may be available for watercross
    - Some concerns emerged about manning the trailer for all hours that it would be open
Anti-Freeze leak on tractor needs to be addressed

 Next Meeting:
                        October 7th, 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        American Legion