Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 10/07/08

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Proposal to flatten new trail behind airport on northwest corner approved sometime this spring.
  - Trail has been shifted slightly to inside of corner to alleviate concern
Discussion regarding new blades for Orange drag to lower them for better cutting
  - Blades appear to need to be swapped from back to front, also new ones maybe ordered (J.D. Glover is checking on this)
  - John will send e-mail to Donny about getting this done.
Discussion regarding T.A.s creek and John's communication with Brian Loyd about potential culvert or bridge
  - Garrett and Skip have this done
John with check with Scott McLain about conduit that he is donating for sign posts
  - Several 10 ft lengths of conduit is in PTR Clubhouse
T.A. will look into brown signs for entering and leaving PTR maintained trails
  - T.A. to do this soon.
Work Day planned for 9/27/08  9:00 AM meet at PTR Clubhouse
  - Ike, Donny, and Travis limbed from Hammergren's corner to County O  (State has not been through yet)
  - 45 to haps cleared large trees so needs to be brushed, limbing required for entire trail, especially North Fork Dike and bridge route.
Discussion regarding new brusher
  - Brusher is on its way per Donny's e-mail (same as previous model but with larger tires)
Anti-Freeze leak on tractor needs to be addressed
  - We think that this has been addressed
Fencing at Mike Carey's should be started on East end and work our way back North.
  - Skip will purchase wooden posts for Carey's fencing project

Skip will fix headlamp on tractor
Brusher on order
Early gun doe season 10/16/08 - 10/19/08 keep in mind for work day
Prepare for dues at next meeting
Ike proposed doing a newsletter before next meeting.

 ** Work Day on Saturday, October 11th meet at Clubhouse 9:00 AM  **
       Anyone is welcome, we could use the help

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, November 6th, 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        Hummer's Rendezvous