Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/07/08

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Discussion regarding new blades for Orange drag to lower them for better cutting
  - Donny is going to remove one blade and actively pursue new Blades
T.A. will look into brown signs for entering and leaving PTR maintained trails
  - T.A. has them ordered.
New brusher has arrived and is on the tractor
Fencing at Mike Carey's should be started on East end and work our way back North.
  - Skip has this completed adequately for this year.

Skip will fix headlamp on tractor
Ike proposed doing a newsletter before next meeting.
  - John will get this done before next meeting
45N from Reeds Lake Rd to Haps needs limbing
45S from Ikes to Hammergrens needs brushing
Rocks near Dale's Restaurant and Kozy have been removed
150 behind DNR station needs brushing
Signing on all trails can be started at any time
John will talk with Mark Harmon regarding his new blacktop and the trail route
If time permits we would like to run the drag over the gopher mounds before it freezes

 Next Meeting:
                        Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
                        7:00 PM
                        Woodlands Grille