Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 03/05/09

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Front assist light may not work in tractor
  - Light is still out
Outside light on building is still out, it needs a new photoelectric cell which is inside building.
John has brush pile located on trail 150 that we can burn and have a get together. 
Proposal to move informative sign on north end of town to Memory Lake Park
John will check into clearing access route to Hummer's
  - Need review re-route of trail to Hummers next Fall and determine best course of action
Bill Erickson proposed to have a line shown on the snowmobile map at the end of Cty Rd O to the MN side.
  - Need to request changes to map when next years map ads are submitted
Grooming 119 S needs to stay out of field along Melo Rd. 
  - The mistakenly got brushed and groomed this year and we have no permission to be on the property
  - Check into this next season as property owner situation may have changed
All Map Ad invoices have been sent out.
  - Received all payments except for a few.


LawnMower race was a success.  Notes for next year:
  - Confirm PA system
  - Generator that works for lights
  - Close off three and a half walls on pavilion and use salamander heater again
  - Fire pits were great, could use more
  - Easel for charts
  - Post a sign up deadline and a race start time that are different also have a scheduled awards right after races
  - MaxMedals worked good for awards
  - Look into back stop behind starting area for flying debris
Discussion regarding purchase of a back blade for groomer tractor
  - Need to level trails in fall prior to frozen ground
  - Look into straightening trail in town near Karl Anderson's
Carey's Fence work to be done this year in the off season
Review rear corners on brusher and reinforce where needed
Get John Deere tractor in for service or check on trade status
Old black drag has been returned to us and it resides at the clubhouse
More signing at car wash location
March 26th snowmobiler days heading to state meetings
Groomer's Banquet is 4th of April at Madden's 6:00 cocktails  (need to RSVP)

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
                        7:00 PM
                        American Legion