Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 06/04/09

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Front assist light may not work in tractor
  - Light is still out
  - May be trading, or will get fixed at dealer
Discussion regarding purchase of a back blade for groomer tractor
  - Need to level trails in fall prior to frozen ground
  - Look into straightening trail in town near Karl Anderson's
  - Scheduled work day 4/18 to straighten trail.  Meet at clubhouse 9:00 am
       Trail has been straightened
Carey's Fence work to be done this year in the off season
Review rear corners on brusher and reinforce where needed
Get John Deere tractor in for service or check on trade status
Trees at Dennis Corty's place have been run over. Need to look into replacing as needed.
  - Tony will look into this and get back to the club.
AWSC Convention Item regarding emergency response.
  - John talked with Danny Carlson and will submit a list of people in the club that are willing to help if needed
Weedcutter:  Tim looked at the one that Duke purchased.  It look's fine may take a little work.
   John & Tim will get it to clubhouse.
Pontoon Retrievers:  Silver one needs work on mercury motor.  White one is at Benny's and has broken motor mounts.

Car Wash
  - John will talk with Garrett about carwash situation and determine best time to address it.
  - Need to discuss parking lot plowing situation for next season
Need drag out of building.
  Lee did this
Ike to bring pontoon to clubhouse
Need to get pontoon from Bennie Johnson’s to clubhouse
  We should park it outside the clubhouse until we’re ready to work on it.
-          White one:  motor mounts, check cables, canopy (guy from Indian creek)
-          Silver one:  shifting, motor has no power
Rake for front of boats need to be made
  Need to get device from Lee Moyer
  Steel and aluminum combination
Tops for pontoons
  John will get Donny information on canvas and we should get new one for blue retriever.

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, August 6th, 2009
                        7:30 PM
                        PTR Clubhouse