Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 08/06/09

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Front assist light may not work in tractor
  - Light is still out
  - May be trading, or will get fixed at dealer
Carey's Fence work to be done this year in the off season
Review rear corners on brusher and reinforce where needed
  - Skip will reinforce at home
 Trees at Dennis Corty's place have been run over. Need to look into replacing as needed.
   - Garrett to plant tree and get from Nursery.
AWSC Convention Item regarding emergency response.
  - John talked with Danny Carlson and will submit a list of people in the club that are willing to help if needed
 Car Wash
  - John will talk with Garrett about carwash situation and determine best time to address it.
  - Need to discuss parking lot plowing situation for next season
  - John talk to Garrett about leveling small portion so drag does not fall into wall.

Watercross recap:
  - Weed cutting / pushing was success.
  - Village officials and residents made several positive comments about appearance.
  - Retrieving shifts were filled fine
  - 35 Johnson is running on one cylinder, needs two coils before next year.
  - Tim has single lever control box for Johnson 35.
  - Grind old winch spool weld spot
  - Duke would like one more boat and one more rake to make weed removal easy
  - Probably should have a written schedule for shifts of retriever crews
Building cleanup
  - Thursday 08/13 cleanup night 7:00 PM
  - Garbage – bring to dumpster at fair grounds or John’s
  - Outboard motors:  Ask Duke if he wants old motors that we have, if not anyone in Hockey want them, if not drop at Tim’s Repairs
  -  Save old chains for tractor in case if we need them
  -  Clean out small room.  Throw away junk.
  -  Proposal to purchase some tools.  Tony will look into this at Burnett Dairy

 Next Meeting:
                        Thursday, September 3rd
                        7:30 PM
                        PTR Clubhouse