Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/05/09

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
A/C in tractor needs to be looked at
  New tractor coming leave AC alone
Carey's Fence work to be done this year in the off season
   - No progress
 Trees at Dennis Corty's place have been run over. Need to look into replacing as needed.
   - Garrett to plant tree and get from Nursery.
   - Install and small fence for this year’s season at Dennis Corty’s corner
AWSC Convention Item regarding emergency response.
  - John talked with Danny Carlson and will submit a list of people in the club that are willing to help if needed
Car Wash
  - John will talk with Garrett about carwash situation and determine best time to address it.
  - Need to discuss parking lot plowing situation for next season
  - John talk to Garrett about leveling small portion so drag does not fall into wall.
  - ON HOLD until till trail access is determined
Ike to check with Jim Nelson regarding Country Store as sponsor and map ad
  -  Not this year

Skip says small amount of brushing on 150 is needed
Pursue getting West Marshland side mount brusher for NorthFork Dike

  - Mike will talk to George Clark or Jeff Erickson about brushing North Fork Dike sides approved for up to $200.
Mike Janke talked Jeff Schinzing regarding Rendezvous trail access.
Dave Corty mentioned possibility of running meat raffle at Dreamer’s St. Croix Bar & Grill
  - Club does not have raffle license, may look into obtaining one.
45 S Trail Access issues:
   - Tony will talk to Donny to see if anything can be done for this year’s access.
   - Arlen to follow up with Tony.
Donny Bonneville driveway access issue.
  - Need to determine if Holiday will allow trail on South side of property and then down the west bank.
10 mph speed limit signs anywhere trail is within 150 ft of a residence.
  - 10 mph signs have been ordered
Next Meeting:

    December 3rd, 2009
   Denny’s Downtown Lanes
   7:30 PM