Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/03/09

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Carey's Fence work to be done this year in the off season
   - No progress
 Trees at Dennis Corty's place have been run over. Need to look into replacing as needed.
   - Garrett to plant tree and get from Nursery.
   - Install a small fence for this year’s season at Dennis Corty’s corner
Skip says small amount of brushing on 150 is needed
Pursue getting West Marshland side mount brusher for North Fork Dike

  - Mike will talk to George Clark or Jeff Erickson about brushing North Fork Dike sides
    approved for up to $200.
   - To be done this week
Mike Janke talked Jeff Schinzing regarding Rendezvous trail access.
   - OK to come down Main Street
   - Club to order Red on White for no snowmobiles past this point.
   - Hummer to sign the rest.
45 S Trail Access issues:
  - Land use Agreements for 45S (Jim Ott, Jim Byers, Joyce Lundberg)
  - Culvert for Jim Byers  (John to report)
  - Confirmed route through Lundberg’s and Byers
  - Lots of signing and blazers needed
  - Ask Donny about corn situation on Lundberg’s
Donny Bonneville driveway access issue.
  - Need to determine if Holiday will allow trail on South side of property and then down the west bank.
  - Brush behind Holiday for better parking
  - Lots of signing and blazers required along Bonneville drive
  - Confirm with O’Reilly’s trail is O.K. across driveway
  - Install Orange fence to block off old trail
  - Discuss grooming along bank between Holiday and Bonneville dr.
10 mph speed limit signs anywhere trail is within 150 ft of a residence.
  - 10 mph signs are in PTR clubhouse

February 20th Saturday Lawn Mower Races on Memory Lake
Donny needs trail land use agreements for 150
Trail 45 signing concerns
  - Fence needed at Dennis Corty’s for trees
  - 10 mph signs in residential areas (N Russell, Olson Drive, Cty D)
  - More blazers for downtown access trail
  - Signs for Main Street snowmobile usage
Move trail slightly around Christmas in the Park
45S Work Day meet at clubhouse at 9:00 AM

Next Meeting:

January 7th, 2010
   Dreamer’s St. Croix Bar & Grille
   7:30 PM