Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 3/04/10

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Donny needs trail land use agreements for 150 and 119
   Still in process
Summer Project: Add alignment posts to inside of garage for drag when exiting
Emergency event call list for tractor to be created
   In process
Tires on drags need attention
- Purchase new tires and hubs for groomer then store them inside over summer
Ike will scan document about Cap/Step bill for John to send out to everyone
New tractor has arrived and all equipment has been switched over
Recap Lawn Mower Races:
  - Same start time as this year.
  - Racing went very well schedule wise.
  - Need back stops for behind starting line to stop flying debris
  - Leave entry fee at $10.  Eliminate any payout for 1st.
  - Move entire track towards South slightly
  - Do not leave plowed bank at shut-down end
  - Look into cleaning starting lanes or making them wider to last longer
Trail 45 S grooming sheets need to be turned into DNR
Dan Thill would like any recent photos for Governor Knowles color brochures
PTR is responsible to remove and install signs from Town to Fish Lake Rd
Watercross 2010
  - PTR responsible for weed removal just like last year
  - Club agrees to participate in same capacity as previous year
April 10th Groomer’s Banquet and Madden’s Steak House
Vintage Ride:
  - Incorporate a club ride with Vintage sleds also
  - 1985 or older sleds, try to get more members
  - Meet at Memory Lake on Saturday

Next Meeting:

April 1st, 2010
  T-Dawg’s Bar & Grill
  7:30 PM