Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 08/04/10

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Summer Project: Add alignment posts to inside of garage for drag when exiting
   - Contact Jerry Kozak about drainage concerns and sloping the area around the clubhouse.
Store drags at Skip’s for the summer instead of at fairgrounds
Tires on drags need attention
   - Purchase new tires and hubs for groomer then store them inside over summer
   - John will contact Skip to make sure they are covered.
Sharpen blades on brush cutter
Watercross Recap:
  - Pushers will be re-designed slightly by Lee Roberts to enhance the lifting and carrying of weeds
  - Ike will make a schedule of required Pontoon shifts and people will sign up for the designated shifts
  - Pontoons will be returned to the Roberts location, need to bring plenty of blocks for the jump, ect.
 PTR Clubhouse cleanup night Tuesday August 10th at 7:00 PM
  - Clean floor (scrub with soap and rinse)
  - Move any items either inside the locked room or up on top of the storage room.
  - Fix outdoor light
  - Move last pontoon to Robert's
Equipment purchases:
  - Tim to pick up Little Giant type ladder
  - Punch set
  - Large channel lock pliers
  - Large pipe wrench
  - 4" Angle grinder

Next Meeting:
  September 2nd
, 2010
  PTR Clubhouse

  7:00 PM