Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/01/10

Treasure's Report was not reviewed (Donny not present)
Add alignment posts to inside of garage for drag when exiting.
  - Work night planned on Tuesday December 7th at 7:00 PM to install new posts
Contact Garrett Luedtke about grade around building and options.
  - Table until next year
Fix outdoor light
  - Light has been fixed
Three commercial memberships have been received.  Ike will contact people to confirm before middle of October deadline.
  - A total of eight commercial memberships / map ads were purchased this year.  All checks have been received.
Suggestion to improve trail at 150 and High School cut-off, Lee to review with his relatives.
  - This was completed on 11/06/10
Need to make sure to fill out time reports for all brushing so we get paid for it.  (So far it has mostly been Skip)
  - Skip's & Jamie's hours have been turned in
Trail re-route around Mike Chell's has been completed.  Need a few modifications on Burnett Dairy access since dirt work has been done.

Work Day December 4th, 9:00 AM meet at club house for brushing on 119 / John & TA still need to put up informational signs in town.
Discussion regarding grooming once trails have opened.  It may be necessary to let the sleds pack some of the wetter areas before grooming them.
John notified everyone of the recent inspection on the Gandy Dancer bridge that crosses the St. Croix River.  Current status is 1,000 lb MAX weight restriction.
School Access Trail:  Trail will remain as it currently is and the school will be opening the fence directly across HWY 70. 
  - Students are to park in the ball field adjacent to the Elementary School.
  - Ike will add a stop sign on the North side of HWY 70 and a stop ahead sign on the fence on the North side as well.
  - Orange fence will be added to the chain link fence within about 5 feet of the opening in order to highlight it.
Discussion regarding mowed trees. (Need information from Danny C or Donny about our clubs responsibility for re-planting)
John needs to add Holiday to Sponsor page on Website
North Dike brushing:  John will ask Tony if he ever discussed it with Doug Bistram
  - Tony has not so John or Arlyn will review it and see if it needs to be done.
Ike started a discussion about promoting our club, attracting new members, and attracting younger members.
  - Consensus of  club these are all good ideas, need to work on methods to accomplish.  Start with doing newsletter.
Tom H. is working on a trail to get from 119 to Trade Lake and meet up with the West Sweden Snows.
John proposed a new idea for a trailer that was constructed just for holding trail signs.
  - Tim W. said he might be able to get a real cheap frame to start from.
  - Decided to wait and see if Tim can get the frame and then John will design something that works with it.
John will talk to Rod Kleiss about new blacktop and snowmobile wear
Discussion regarding board needing repair on bridge near Mike Carey's

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, January 5th 2011
American Legion
7:00 PM