Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 02/02/11

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Tom H. is working on a trail to get from 119 to Trade Lake and meet up with the West Sweden Snows.
- Problem in one spot so this trail section is not possible at this time
- John will make a satellite image for Tom to mark-up
John proposed a new idea for a trailer that was constructed just for holding trail signs.
- Currently looking for a goos used trailer to start with
Discussion regarding business signing on the local trails
- John will discuss further with Sue Ingalls regarding any state or county laws
- Only brown informational signs on trail, private signs can only be on private land with landowner permission outside of 14’ of state easement.
Club confirmed same level of participation in Mid-Winter Sports Day with the Lawn Mower Races
- Medals have been received
- Need to plow course this weekend to get a feel for the ice
- Tim will see if Lee Moyer can try it this weekend
Need to look into some new chains for the front wheels of the tractor. They are already worn to about 50%.
- They have been flipped and should last the rest of the year

Black drag currently in use, need to get light bar fixed
- Dan Byers will take care of this
AWSC Convention mentioned and information is available for anyone wishing to attend
Arlyn mentioned need of more blazers in certain areas of crex.
Ike showed the ad he put in the Burnett County Sentinel for snowmobile safety week
Dan Byers will change oil and filter and look into leak on front winch hydraulics
- He will charge oil and filters at O’Reilly’s to Trailer City and John will expense at next meeting

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, March 2nd 2011
Dreamer's Bar & Grill
7:00 PM