Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 05/04/11

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Tom H. is working on a trail to get from 119 to Trade Lake and meet up with the West Sweden Snows.
 - Problem in one spot so this trail section is not possible at this time
 - John will make a satellite image for Tom to mark-up
John proposed a new idea for a trailer that was constructed just for holding trail signs.
 - Currently looking for a good used trailer to start with
 - Tim Wood is following a lead he has.
 - Skip has a 4' X 8' trailer with 13" wheels that he will donate (Tim will go look at it)
Donny will talk to Danny C about tire swap with Siren
 - Danny confirmed this to OK.  We are looking into the best way and time to change them out.
 - We will wait until after the Fair and then bring them back to our shed.
Sign removal to begin as soon as it dries up
 - Guys reminded to record and turn in time for sign removal
Look into possible re-route of 45N around North Russell Street
 - John will scout out the area by the Brick Pond and respond at next meeting
Store drags at Byer’s behind the west shed
 - Done
Club decided to participate in Watercross at same level as last year
 - Ike will work on schedule for retrievers
See if Scott's Auto can get better tire chains for next season
 - Size is 16.9 R 24

 Memory Lake Ski Trail is likely have a Cross Country running race in August and would like our help with the brusher on the trail
  - Club is in favor
Garbage at the Clubhouse:  Dan Byers will bring up the topic at the next Fair Board Meeting to see about possibilities
Watercross Retrievers:
  - Tim has a new motor for one (or parts)
  - John will get one of the retrievers into the Clubhouse before next meeting
  - John will talk to Duke about the Mercury outboard left from last year

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, June 1st 2011
PTR Club House
7:00 PM