Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 06/01/11

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Tom H. is working on a trail to get from 119 to Trade Lake and meet up with the West Sweden Snows.
 - Problem in one spot so this trail section is not possible at this time
 - John will make a satellite image for Tom to mark-up (In process)
John proposed a new idea for a trailer that was constructed just for holding trail signs.
 - Currently looking for a good used trailer to start with
 - Tim Wood is following a lead he has.
 - Skip has a 4' X 8' trailer with 13" wheels that he will donate (Tim will go look at it)
Donny will talk to Danny C about tire swap with Siren
 - Danny confirmed this to OK.  We are looking into the best way and time to change them out.
 - We will wait until after the Fair and then bring them back to our shed.
Sign removal to begin as soon as it dries up
 - Guys reminded to record and turn in time for sign removal
Look into possible re-route of 45N around North Russell Street
 - John will scout out the area by the Brick Pond and respond at next meeting
 - Land behind Kleiss's and just north of  the ski trail does not look good
Club decided to participate in Watercross at same level as last year
 - Ike will work on schedule for retrievers  (currently re-working for both Pontoons)
See if Scott's Auto can get better tire chains for next season
 - Size is 16.9 R 24
 - John will check into this
 Memory Lake Ski Trail is likely have a Cross Country running race in August and would like our help with the brusher on the trail
  - Club is in favor
  - We will check with Tim Dahlberg to see if event is still on
Garbage at the Clubhouse:  Dan Byers will bring up the topic at the next Fair Board Meeting to see about possibilities
  - Dan got OK to use Fairgrounds dumpsters
Watercross Retrievers:
  - Tim has a new motor for one (or parts)
  - John will get one of the retrievers into the Clubhouse before next meeting
  - John will talk to Duke about the Mercury outboard left from last year
       - Tim will check with Duke to determine fixing or not

White Retriever has been moved to Clubhouse
Tractor and Brusher is being stored at Byers
John reported that there may still be signs out in Bonevilles field
  - Lee will talk to Dan about getting them removed from the fields
Tom H. confirmed with J.T. that the club will be able to use his small enclosed trailer at watercross

Next Meeting:
Wednesday's, throughout June
PTR Club House
7:00 PM
To work on retrievers and weed removal rakes