Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 09/07/11

  - Need to decide what trails to start clearing. From the meadows to Hap's is reported to be heavily burdened with down trees.
  - Need to replace the Mercury outboard motor on retriever #1.
  - Need to replace the winch on retriever #2. #1 has a 1500 lb winch now.
  - Still looking into a trailer for signs
  - Members are still working on trail to Trade Lake, outlook is somewhat promising
  - Tire swap will be done after Fall brushing,  tractor will be driven to Siren.  Add fender lights when wheels are off.
  - Approved purchase of tire chains through Scott's Auto Care

  - Grantoberfest will be happening this weekend with the mini golf course being run by John Addison
  - Ike will start pursuing the Commercial Sponsors and Map Ads
  - Storm Damage:
        - October 1st work day:  Meet at club 8:00 AM
        - Donny will check availability of Burnett Cty Association's skidsteer, grapple, and trailer
            - If equipment is not available we will be using John's or Lee's skidsteer and grapple
        - This will be the first of many work days ahead for trail cleanup
        - Workers are reminded to mark Trail Maintenance Sheets with STORM DAMAGE for correct allocation
  - Duane Strom's trail re-route:
        - John will contact Duane and find out where and when to re-route the trail and report at next meeting
  - Signs needed from County shop:
       - Stop
       - Chevrons
       - Bridge Left & Right
       - Double sided blazers

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, October 5th
PTR Club House
7:00 PM