Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/09/11

  - Still looking into a trailer for signs
  - Members are still working on trail to Trade Lake, outlook is somewhat promising
       Update: Trade Lake Trail has been confirmed and should be open this year
  - Tire swap will be done after Fall brushing,  tractor will be driven to Siren.  Add fender lights when wheels are off.
  - Duane Strom's trail re-route is complete
  - Signs needed from County shop are in and can be picked up.
   - AWSC club raffle tickets have been received and are available for purchase if anyone is interested.

   - Statewide Antlerless deer hunt is December 8th - December 11th
   - Trail through Mike Carey's property needs special attention and signing as he wants it contained to the drainage ditch.
   - Donny reported that PTR club is only responsible to brush mow 150 to Cty Road W.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, December 7th
T-Dawg's Bar & Grill
7:00 PM