Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/07/11

- Still looking into a trailer for signs
- Members are still working on trail to Trade Lake, outlook is somewhat promising
     Update: Trade Lake Trail has been confirmed and should be open this year
- Tire swap will be done after Fall brushing, tractor will be driven to Siren.
      Tire swap is complete, still need to add fender lights
- Statewide Antlerless deer hunt is December 8th - December 11th (no effect on trails as we have no snow)
- Trail through Mike Carey's property needs special attention and signing as he wants it contained to the drainage ditch.
   Need to install fencing to prevent sleds from going on new seeding
- Donny reported that PTR club is only responsible to brush mow 150 to Cty Road W.

- Dan and Mark will look into heavier brusher possibilities
- Discussion regarding knocking gopher mounds down with drag
    Mark or Dan will try this and report the success
- Winch on tractor needs to be looked at and repaired or replaced
-Grooming confirmation:
   Groom to County O on 45S
   Groom to Kollander rd on 150E
-Map Ads and Maps:
   Need to submit to AWSC and remove none supporters

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, January 4th
Dreamers’ Bar & Grill
7:00 PM