Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 02/01/12

- Trail through Mike Carey's property needs special attention and signing as he wants it contained to the drainage ditch.
     - Need to install fencing to prevent sleds from going on new seeding
- Dan and Mark will look into heavier brusher possibilities
    John will look into Rhino possibilities
    Add skids to existing brusher and make sure slip clutch it 100% functional before anymore use and at beginning of each season.
- Need to finish collecting for Map ads and Commercial sponsorships
- Abandoned fence near the Burnett Dairy and Mike Chell's needs to be removed
    Tony adjusted / re-signed corner for this year.
    Need to remove old fence next year.

- Need to submit map ads earlier next year and require proof there are several issues on current maps.
- Mid-Winter Sports Day  02/18/2012
    Tom H will be working but will get us the starting / finish lights
    Confirm that Hummer will have plowing taken care of
    Stands and Easel available in clubhouse
    John will produce racing charts
    Confirm that Hummer will have sound system
    John has Medals taken care of
    John will e-mail Gabes about announcing
    Confirm with Hummer that plastic will be in place on pavillion

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, March 7th
Hummer's Rendezvous
7:00 PM