Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 04/04/12

- Dan and Mark will look into heavier brusher possibilities
    John will look into Rhino possibilities
    Add skids to existing brusher and make sure slip clutch it 100% functional before anymore use and at beginning of each season.
- Abandoned fence near the Burnett Dairy and Mike Chell's needs to be removed
    Tony adjusted / re-signed corner for this year.
    Need to remove old fence next year.
- Trail 150 from Shuttleworth Rd towards East needs tree trimming and removal
- John will get all maintenance and grooming sheets submitted to county.
    Maintenance sheets sent to Karen end of March.
- Tim Wood and John still looking into trailer for sign storage and convenience.
    Members approved purchase of smaller trailer proposed by John from Trailer City.

-  Sign Removal
    Need to talk with Tom Hinrichs and Garrett Luedtke about trail 119.  Other trails have been accounted for.
-  LSRA Raffle with discussed and voted to not participate this year.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, May 2nd
PTR Clubhouse
7:00 PM