Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 07/05/12

- Dan and Mark will look into heavier brusher possibilities
    John will look into Rhino possibilities
    Add skids to existing brusher and make sure slip clutch it 100% functional before anymore use and at beginning of each season.
    Agreed to add skids but no action yet.  Dan will start tractor and run brusher a few times this summer to keep clutch functional.
   This has not been done yet buy Mark plans on doing it soon.
- Abandoned fence near the Burnett Dairy and Mike Chell's needs to be removed
    Need to remove old fence next year.
    Tom H. will contact someone at Burnett Dairy about getting rid of old fence.
- Trail 150 from Shuttleworth Rd towards East needs tree trimming and removal
     Review this next year since we believe this is West Sweden's trail.
- Sign Removal
        Tom H. will be looking into an "Adopt a Trail" segment for 119 that will designate people responsible for defined start and stop points.
        No word from Tom on this topic. Rick Melin “customarily” assumes signing from Buckland road south to Cushing. Still need Buckland road North to 150 intersection assigned.
- Dan will pickup cattle panel for sign trailer
    Not purchased yet

Watercross update:
    - Weed removal, will begin July 10th and remain until finished.  Hopefully completing by July 12th
    - Winch / hoist that Dan found has been mounted, just need long battery leads.
    - Pontoon with new motor is at Memory Lake and testing is being done.
        Determined that motor has shifting problem Tim W is looking into repair
   - Fire inspection complete.  Fire extinguisher mounted on wall is in need of recharge.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, August 1
PTR Clubhouse
7:00 PM