Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 10/03/12


- Sign Removal
    Tom H. will be looking into an "Adopt a Trail" segment for 119 that will designate people responsible for defined start and stop points. This will need to be managed by PTR.
    No word from Tom on this topic. Rick Melin “customarily” assumes signing from Buckland road south to Cushing. Still need Buckland road North to 150 intersection assigned. Rick will sign this portion of 119.
- Dan will pickup cattle panel for sign trailer.
    Not purchased yet
- Donny will check with the County to see if new maps will be printed for 12-13 season.
     Burnett County will not be printing new maps for the 2012-2013 season due to the large quantity remaining from last year. We will be soliciting for Commercial Sponsors for inclusion in the Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine.
     Ike will start sending letters to commercial sponsors
-Carey's field: Donny will look into buying the orange ribbon for creating a gauntlet through the middle of the field in the ditch line. Start at the West gate and bring to the North end of the field, then a couple short sections running East & West in the middle until turning north again.
   Orange ribbon is ordered
- Tony will purchase a quantity of 50 of the green posts for the Carey project and for replacing old conduit on others.
    20 Posts are in the clubhouse.  The remaining ones have been ordered.
- Re-routing of 45N through the Industrial Park. Looks like the West side of the telephone company building is the best solution.
    John Mc met with Dana and determined the best route.  Will need to contact Digger's Hotline before signing and will pursue permanent wooded posts.
-The “Wake Up Call” coffee shop sign location. We think it will be OK at its present location. The groomer can cross the parking lot and cut back in from Dreamers. The short section between the Holiday and Dreamers drive will not be groomed.


- John will find out who with DNR is in charge of Governor Knowles Trail to discuss brushing / grooming
- John will submit expenses for watercross to Grantsburg Hockey
- Decided to have a Work Day on October 20th, meet  at club house at 9:00 AM

Next Meeting:

Wednesday November 7th, 2012
Dreamer's Bar & Grill
7:00 PM