Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 01/02/13


 - Sign Removal
    Will proceed with "adopt a trail" technique for sign removal on Trail 119 this spring
- Carey's field:
    Trail route has been adjusted, fenced, and signed
- West Sweden trail update
    Trail is completed and signed
- Need stop signs on 45 North (some wood and some steel)
    This was completed on the last workday
- Looked at possible pickup truck purchase, still looking for something in the $1000 - $1500 range
    Still looking at this point
- Mid-Winter Sports February 23rd
    Club agreed to sponsor and run lawn mower races
    Last years unused medals will be used
    Post registration and starting times

- Commercial Sponsors and Paid Members have been confirmed and submitted to AWSC
- Looking into side mounted brush mower for tractor
    Hydraulic driven
    Small enough so no counter weight is needed (3' - 4' rotary style)
    Retractable on pivot that has some kind of shear pin setup
- T-Dawgs offered the club opportunity to run a meat raffle on one or two weekends a month
    Club members decided not at this time

Next Meeting:

Wednesday February 6th, 2013
Dreamers Bar and Grill
7:00 PM