Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 10/15/13


 - Looked at possible pickup truck purchase, still looking for something in the $1000 - $1500 range
     Tom H mentioned that Kevin Strom has one for $1,000.  We decided to check it out.
     Tim Wood said the DeMarre family may be selling one that we should also check out.
     NO Action at this time
 - Looking into side mounted brush mower for tractor
     Hydraulic driven
     Small enough so no counter weight is needed (3' - 4' rotary style)
     Retractable on pivot that has some kind of shear pin setup
     Lee Moyer or Byers have one that we can try to see if it will do what we want
- Governor Knowles Trail brushing work payment.
    John is tracking down payment with Kyle, Sue, and Karen.
- Ike is sending out / visiting Commercial Sponsors
- Brusher is on tractor in PTR building.

- Caution light upon starting tractor needs to be addresses
- Tim will evaluate 45N and report brushing requirements and bridge findings
    Some trees down near Whiskey Creek behind Airport
    Work day planned for 10-19-13 9:00 AM start
- Whiskey Creek Bridge work to be done
- Bridge work required on western bridge near Mike Carey's
- Trail concerns regarding Mike Carey's field and possible new seeding on last year's re-route
- Look into old Mason Insurance policy and potential new policy for club members while working on trails
    John will talk to Tom H regarding this issue

Next Meeting:

Tuesday November 12th, 2013
Hummer's Rendezvous
7:00 PM