Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 05/07/14


 - Looked at possible pickup truck purchase, still looking for something in the $1000 - $1500 range
      Hummer informed us to check with Tracey Blakeslee from DR Tech
      Tabling this item until Fall 2014
- Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continue efforts
- Long Sleeve Mock Turtle Necks with Phantom Logo on Front are available for $20
- Snowmobile Safety Course
     Ike brought documentation for interested members to fill out regarding training classes
- Proposal to start elections for officers sometime in late summer
      Elections for Vice President and Secretary will be held at first Fall 2014 meeting.  Nominees for both positions are being accepted
- New Informational (Brown) signs will be purchased and lettered with design that better accommodates changing sponsorships on a yearly basis

- PTR Building Theft Report
    Air Compressor and Tool Boxes were retrieved from Grantsburg Police Department
    Compressor was wired in and seems to be 100% functional
    All other items have been turned into insurance along with the police report and any receipts for missing items
- Watercross Discussion
    PTR will help Hockey for 2014 season with limited participation.  Another group or pool of volunteers will be needed to work with PTR volunteers
    PTR will get equipment ready (pontoon's, weed rakes, winches, ect.)
    PTR will provide some volunteers for weed cutting, and snowmobile retrieval but will need additional volunteers from other sources
    John will e-mail Rick regarding the changes listed above so he had enough time to fill positions required
- Maintenance on drags and possible design enhancements to be reviewed and started late summer

Next Meeting:

Tuesday June 10th, 2014
PTR Clubhouse
7:00 PM