Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 5/03/16


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
 - Maintenance on Drags:  Manufacture mogul buster whenever there is time and fit onto groomer when available
      - Ike to contact Dan B. on the whereabouts of the old drag for pulling off the springs for the mogul buster
 - Suggestion to look into a tow behind box drag for leveling trails in the fall prior to freezing.  It has been determined that we will have better trails with minimal snow conditions if they can be smoothed out prior to freezing.
      - Box Drag moved from the airport out to the Dairy-blading their drives (Corty’s)
 - Culvert for Byer's field has been determined to be Ø 18" X 16' Long. 
      - Need to contact Kyle Anderson of the DNR for possible Byer’s field culvert funds. State trail 45S

 - Watercross:
     - Limited involvement by PTR
     - Contact Blue Line Club early to have them prep the pontoons
     - PTR will assist with some weed removal

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, June 7th
7:00 PM
PTR Clubhouse