Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/03/16


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
 - Maintenance on Drags:  Manufacture mogul buster whenever there is time and fit onto groomer when available.  This will be done at Byers farm shop.
      - Ike to contact Dan B. on the whereabouts of the old drag for pulling off the springs for the mogul buster
 - Culvert for Byer's field has been determined to be Ø 18" X 16' Long. 
      - John will get quote on culvert, Lee Byers to look into fill and get price to install.
 - Dan and John built new brackets so Siren's tractor with tracks will work on our brusher.  John will send bill to reimburse Dan for steel.
 - Map Ads have been sent out and payments received.
 - Ike picked up some supplies for the maintenance room (grease, hand cleaner, towels, ect.)
 - Air compressor has been working.
 - 10-22-16 Work Day was successful.  Brush cutting and limbing was done on 45 North to Haps.
- John contacted Kyle about 45S trail condition and they will take any help that we can give to them.  Brushing and limbing needed between Fish Lake Rd and River Rd.
- James Glover is being removed as a signer from the ICU account and adding Ike Nordrum.

 - Ike and John received verbal permission for trail access through industrial park to Country Store.  Ike will be obtaining trail agreements.
 - Tim is pursuing a reduced price UTV through Polaris Industries for trail maintenance.
 - Work Day 11/12/16  9:00 AM

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, December 6th
7:00 PM
Hummer's Rendezvous