Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 12/05/17


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
      Kyle Anderson would like help with 45S.  Ike, Don, and John have agreements to work on.
           Ike mailed out 3 requests on Jan 6th.  Have received one signed agreement so far.
 - Culvert for Byer's field has been determined to be Ø 15" X 16' Long.
        Culvert has been installed.  One bill will be sent to Kyle when work is complete.
 - Bridge over Wood River on Mike Carey's property needs to have some boards replaced. 
       New bridge or at least decking will be installed for 2018-2019 season.  Minimal patching will be done this year.
 - Snowmobile Safety:
        Class is scheduled for December 14, 15, 16.  Minimum of 6 required with maximum of 15.  John will deliver snowmobile for classroom use.
 - John will update officer e-mails on AWSC roster so appropriate information is getting to correct people.  A phone call to the AWSC will be required since they cannot be updated on the website.
 - New gate installed at Phantom Lake Road crossing on 45N.  John will contact Steve Hoffman to get DNR lock installed.
 - Mike Strom would like more stay on trail signs on 150 as there were some auto parts theft on old vehicles noticed after this season.
 - Brush Mower Maintenance
    Sharpen Blades
    Grease Wheels (done)
    Loosen Slip Clutch and run to clean up plates (done)
 - Drag Maintenance
 - Install roof cap that blew off in storm - Tim and John completed on 12-2.  Better roof caps in other locations should be installed next summer.
 - John reported that new sign posts drilled and tapped worked well.

 -  Suggestion to put Snowmobile Safety Course Flyer on Grocery Store Bulletin Board and on Facebook.
 -  Tractor needs oil change and general service.  Some lights are out also.
 -  45S may need to close during the Anterless Holiday Hunt December 24th - January 1st.  John is working with Kyle on details
 -  John will update website with current commercial sponsors.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, January 2nd
7:00 PM
T-Dawgs Bar & Grill