Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 01/02/18


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
      Kyle Anderson would like help with 45S.  Ike, Don, and John have agreements to work on.
           Ike mailed out 3 requests on Jan 6th.  Have received one signed agreement so far.
 - Culvert for Byer's field has been determined to be Ø 15" X 16' Long.
        Culvert has been installed.  John will get cost from Byers and put together one bill for Kyle.
 - Bridge over Wood River on Mike Carey's property needs to have some boards replaced. 
       New bridge or at least decking will be installed for 2018-2019 season.  Minimal patching will be done this year.
       Large bridge is fine until next season, small bridge has been repaired
 - Snowmobile Safety:
        Class had nine participants with all passing.  Plan to repeat class again next year.
 - John will update officer e-mails on AWSC roster so appropriate information is getting to correct people.  A phone call to the AWSC will be required since they cannot be updated on the website.
 - Mike Strom would like more stay on trail signs on 150 as there were some auto parts theft on old vehicles noticed after this season.
 - Brush Mower Maintenance  (Tabling this item until next Fall)
     Sharpen Blades
     Grease Wheels (done)
     Loosen Slip Clutch and run to clean up plates (done)
 - Drag Maintenance
      Drag has been brought inside building and it has been looked over.
 -  Tractor needs oil change and general service.  Some lights are out also.
       All lights and fuses have been addressed and are now working
       Oil and oil filter have been changed
       All known grease fittings have been greased
       May need to change hydraulic oil as sight glass appeared a little milky

 -  119 Trail adjustments near Alex Nelson / Doyle Christain properties.
 -  150 Signing required for route around Strom's corn.
 -  Fuel level is OK at Byers Farm
 -  Don will look into club purchasing cordless drill / driver / LED flashlight combo
 - John will research 40V Cordless Chainsaw that could be left in the tractor if needed

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 6th
7:00 PM
Hummer's Rendezvous