Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 10/02/18


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
      Kyle Anderson would like help with 45S.  Ike, Don, and John have agreements to work on.
           Ike mailed out 3 requests on Jan 6th.  Have received one signed agreement so far.
 - Culvert for Byer's field has been determined to be Ø 15" X 16' Long.
        Invoice has been e-mailed to Kyle.  John will check on status.
 - John will update officer e-mails on AWSC roster so appropriate information is getting to correct people.  A phone call to the AWSC will be required since they cannot be updated on the website.
No Action on Items listed above
 - Brush Mower Maintenance - Set Work Day 10-13 9AM to address
     Sharpen Blades and straighten one or purchase new.  Approximate cost each $35-40, need 4, Model MX8. - New Blades have been purchased.
     Grease Wheels (each use)
     Loosen Slip Clutch and run to clean up plates (done)
 - Drag Maintenance - Set Work Day 10-13 9AM to address
      New pin / bushing is needed on tongue. 
        Drill larger hole to make round again & size to fit a hardened bolt or bushing. 
     John  dropped anti slip out plates on back.
     Need to inspect rear wheel lift.  It appears to be low and should be increased.
        We looked at the rear lift. Determined that a 2” longer cylinder should be used and the upper bracket raised. The lower pivot points (3 plc) need to be drilled larger by the same method as on the front. 
      Leave drag inside club house until fair
 -  Tractor Service - Tractor is at Knaubers for repair.  May still need to change hydraulic oil when it comes back.
       May need to change hydraulic oil as sight glass appeared a little milky
       Need to complete sometime this summer.  Will need 15 gallons min.
 - Need new rear tires for tractor
 - Need to remove caution ahead signs where groomer broke through ice on 45S.
    Ike looked into this and determined we should leave them up as it is a creek crossing and sharper corner.

 - Ike will start processing Commercial Memberships.  No new maps printed this year so new memberships will be AWSC only.
 - Need to check trails to determine where brushing and pole sawing is needed.
 - Potential Groomer Drivers:
     - Dennis Corty
     - Al Melin
     - Ken Ruhn
 - GRO Walking Trail Proposal was brought up by John.  Concerns have been discussed with county and Danny Carlson.  It was determined that no action was needed at this time.
 - Trail 45N adjustments:
     -  Need to determine access route to Grantsburg Country Store
     -  Need to adjust route around new construction in industrial park
     - 10/13/18  9:00 AM  PTR Building - Brusher and Drag Maintenance
     - 10/20/18  9:00 AM  PTR Building - Brushing and Trail Clearing

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, November 6th
7:00 PM
T-Dawg's Bar & Grill