Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 11/3/20


- Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
      Kyle Anderson would like help with 45S.  Ike, Don, and John have agreements to work on.
           Ike mailed out 3 requests on Jan 6th.  Have received one signed agreement so far.
- Existing Drag: Need to see if we can get new rear pan from Siren.  This has been determined to be low priority.
- Makita flashlight from kit is still missing from Clubhouse.
- The Legion still owes for Map Ads
- Setting up Grooming Schedule - need to know who wants to groom and when then can.
     Potential Groomers:  Chad, Dan, Danny, John, Aaron, Ken, Alan, Jim
- Danny has new used winch for review (This is at Byers farm)
- There are a few lights on the tractor that need changing along with the block heater.
- May need to look into lowering some of the blades on the drag for extra cutting ability.
- Tractor needs new PTO seal.  Need to look at when it comes back from Northern Clubs.

- Danbury Tractor has been received and is being used for brushing.  Track components are being reworked and getting ready to install.
- Trailer City will buy back the trailer that was used for signs since it does not get used.
- Trailer City will donate lumber for a new sign rack to be constructed on the southwest portion of the PTR building.
    - Work night planned to build sign rack is Wednesday November 11th at 7:00 PM
- Work day for Saturday planned to start at 9:00 and brush trail 45S
- Continued work days for brushing need on 45S and 45N through Memory Park up to Russell Street
     - John has County Skidsteer at Trailer City with grapple on it

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, December 1st
7:00 PM
American Legion