Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 4/5/22


 - Land owner agreement acquisitions have been assigned to members
      Tom has 2 agreements, need continued efforts by Don, John and Mark
      Kyle Anderson would like help with 45S.  Ike, Don, and John have agreements to work on.
           Ike mailed out 3 requests on Jan 6th.  Have received one signed agreement so far.
     John to contact Dave Corty regarding his properties.
 - Existing Drag: Need to see if we can get new rear pan from Siren.  This has been determined to be low priority. Drag is at Byers.
 - John will talk to Kyle about removing the cable gate on the East Refuge Rd Parking Area and installing a steel hinged gate.
    This is OK with Kyle, just need to proceed with installing new gate.(Cable has been opened, install gate Spring of 2022)
 - Trail re-route is possible on North Russell street where new homes may be constructed.
     This will likely need to take place Fall of 2022
 - Look into purchasing floor jack for PTR building
 - Obtain older cooler for grease and grease gun.  Possibly use a gun safe de-humidifier rod for heat
      Tim Wood has a cooler that we can use.
 - Groomer's Banquet is April 23rd at Pheasant Inn, Siren  (8-10 people plan on attending)
 - Tractor is in for service to rear hydraulics
      Need one more 3 point bushing (John found one in driveway)
 - Sign removal hrs need to be submitted to John when completed.
 - Look into replacing or rebuilding rear swivel spindles and bushings on John Deere brush mower

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 3rd  
7:00 PM
PTR Clubhouse