Phantom Trail Riders Meeting Minutes 09/02/10

Treasure's Report was reviewed and approved
Add alignment posts to inside of garage for drag when exiting.
- John will contact DJ Mfg to see if they can make them (4” dia. X 3’ tall with flanged base and 9/16” clearance holes for ½” bolts.)
Contact Garrett Luedtke about grade around building and options.
Sharpen blades on brush cutter
- New blades have been installed, need one hex washer
Fix outdoor light
Equipment purchases:
- Tim to pick up Little Giant type ladder
- Large channel lock pliers
- Large pipe wrench
- Grease gun rubber house and zerk connector

Commercial memberships and map ads need to be addressed, end of October deadline for any map changes.
Mike Carey’s fence needs to be addressed
Suggestion to improve trail at 150 and High School cut-off, Lee to review with his relatives.
John Addison offered the golf course to our club in October for an event if we are interested.
45N should be scouted prior to October so we know how much brushing is required
Donny will confirm that Burnett County Snow Trails has an account at Frontier Ag & Turf and then supply us with an account number.
Donny noted that the 2013 International Snowmobile conference will be held in Green Bay.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, October 6th 2010
PTR Clubhouse
7:00 PM